Why Wooden Cutting Boards Are Choice

Why Wooden Cutting Boards Are Choice

October 12, 2017 Uncategorized 0
Kamikoto Knife and Wooden Chopping Board


Ever wonder why you never see a professional chef using a glass cutting board? Whilst they have become popular in home kitchens for their hygiene factor and easy to clean nature, there is a good reason as to why seasoned chefs avoid ever using one!

While wooden chopping boards take a little more care and maintenance, the material is ideal for your knives. Glass is much too hard and quickly dulls your blade, even after a few minutes of use you can see a noticeable difference. Wood is incredibly more adept at handling your knife as it is softer and gives way to pressure, this allows your blade to stay sharp over a more extended period.

Another issue with glass chopping boards is safety. If you’ve ever used one, you’ll quickly notice that food and even your knife tends to slip around. Unfortunately, this leaves opportunity for accidents. Even worse, when the surface of the board becomes wet, which often happens when dicing fruits or vegetables, slippage is almost guaranteed to occur. A slippery board makes it near impossible to make quick work when chopping or slicing. Fortunately, with wooden boards, this does not happen. The grain of the wood allows it to hold items in place and keeps your knife from moving in unwanted directions.Honshu Steel Kamikoto Knife

Finally, the noise. A common complaint when using a glass chopping board is the piercing sound it creates when the knife hits the board. Whilst this doesn’t bother some, others prefer the muted thud of a wooden chopping board.

We always recommend using a stable wooden chopping board. It is the best way to keep your kitchen knives sharp and drastically decreases any chances of accidents. On top of that, studies have shown that a wooden chopping board is more hygienic in the long run! With minimal care and precautions in mind, such as to always use a different chopping boards for raw meats, poultry and your fruits and vegetables, a wooden chopping board is proven beneficial for any kitchen. Follow the link to shop the Kamikoto Wooden Floating Knife Block now.

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