Why is Sushi So Popular Outside of Japan?

Why is Sushi So Popular Outside of Japan?

March 15, 2017 Blog 1


Believe it or not, there are an estimated 45,000 sushi restaurants across Japan.

However, as popular as it is there, sushi has spread far and wide around the world. In the United States, Europe, Australia, and the UK, you’ll find thousands of sushi bars and Japanese restaurants catering to a diverse demographic of people.

So, what is it about sushi that makes it so popular beyond Japan’s borders?

Sushi can be Healthy

It’s rare that you’ll be served a plate of sushi and find it coated with grease or swimming in oil. While it’s obviously not without calories and should be eaten in moderation, sushi is mainly steamed rice – making it a far healthier option you might think.

Simplicity and Convenience

Without doubt, sushi is one of the easiest, most hassle-free foods to eat. Whether you’re sitting at a table in a Japanese restaurant or enjoying takeaway at home, sushi requires no utensils (unle

ss you like to eat it with chopsticks) and makes little to no mess.

You can eat sushi with one hand. You can eat it delicately and quickly. You can enjoy a huge variety of flavors in one dish, sampling diverse textures and aromas. Sushi’s also easy to share when eating with others in a social situation.

It’s also easy to store and carry as a takeaway, without greasy stains or overpowering odors.

An Artistic Flourish

Japanese presentation is art. Rather than simply placing food where space permits on the plate, Japanese chefs arrange sushi with a sharp eye for aesthetics.

Sushi always looks beautiful, alive with an eclectic mix of colors and textures. As you eat with your eyes first, before you even make physical contact with the food itself, sushi whets your appetite for a delicious meal.

A Touch of the Exotic

Another reason sushi is so popular outside of Japan is its distinctiveness from other cuisines.

For example, in the West, sushi is incredibly different to most national dishes and serves as an encounter with an exciting new culture. It’s a new experience the first time you have it, and is pleasantly fresh compared to some of the packaged, processed foods common today.

Learning to Prepare Sushi at Home is a Whole New Discipline

Learning to make sushi at home is a thrilling challenge, encouraging you to experiment with a wealth of new ingredients, utensils, and arrangements. Sushi-making kits are incredibly common, available at supermarkets and convenience stores, providing you with a basic selection of elements to prepare your own sushi.

Making sushi is certainly more complex and intimidating than it appears at first: you may find yourself struggling to emulate the beauty and delicacy you’re used to. However, continued practice will lead to improvements – and you’ll be able to treat friends and family to exciting new dishes unlike those you might normally cook!

To prepare sushi at home with the best results, you’ll need to invest in authentic equipment. Japanese kitchen knives will help you achieve a smooth, precise cut, creating irresistible sushi with elegance and speed. Our Japanese knives are crafted from Niigata steel, for professional-grade quality in every dish.



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  1. Tammy Foster says:

    I would just like you to know that I love your blog here. It is very informative of the Japanese tradition, which has always intrigued me. From your art of food to your art of written word. Unfortunately I am a woman of simple means and do not for see visiting your beautiful country. So I would like to thank you for reaching out to my country and presenting me/us with your history and traditions. As I may never be able to preform some of your dishes as a true person of your descent, it will be fun to try. Thank you once again,
    With much honor and respect,
    T. Foster

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