Two Simple Ways To Test If Your Knife Is Sharp

Two Simple Ways To Test If Your Knife Is Sharp

August 31, 2017 Uncategorized 0
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A sharp knife is a safe knife!┬áThat’s why you should remember to test your blades often with these simple tricks.

The Paper Test

This is the easiest way to test if your knife is chop-ready. Just grab a piece of paper, hold the knife to its edge and slice away from your hand. You can also fold the paper in half, allow it to stand on the table and slice from the top down. If your knife is sharp it will glide through easily, if it is dull, you will find your knife struggles to cut through or doesn’t at all.

The Tomato Test

Tomatoes are a great way to test the sharpness of your knives, simply place the tomato on your chopping board, rest the tip of your blade on it with minimal pressure and draw back. A sharp knife will instantly slice through your tomato, whilst a dull knife won’t make a dent.

Some websites suggest using your arm hair or thumb as an indictor, we do not advise to test your knives this way. Even a blunt knife can cause damage and accidents happen, be safe and always use paper or fruits and vegetables!

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