Know Your 10 Basic Knife Cuts

Know Your 10 Basic Knife Cuts

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Here’s a quick and handy guide to help you navigate your way through the terminology.

The way you chop and slice your food can affect the way your food tastes, that’s why when it comes to following a recipe it is always good to know what chops and slices they are referring to.

The Bâtonnet

This technique refers to chopping a vegetable into little sticks or batons. After peeling and washing, you should cut the pieces into strips around ¼ inch by ¼inch by 2.5-3” inch.


This is referred to as the match stick cut, perfect for recipes like spring rolls or coleslaw! A julienne cut measures at approximately 1/8 inch x 1/8 inch by 2 inches.

Fine Julienne 

In comparison, a fine julienne measure at is 1/16 inch x 1/16 inch by 2 inches.

Small Dice

Also known as ‘macédoine’ in French, this cut is ideal for pasta sauces or onion soup. A small dice is a cube cut measuring at around 1/4 inches.

Medium Dice

Also known as ‘parmentier’ in French, a medium dice is a cube cut measuring around 1/2 inches.

Large Dice

Also known as ‘carré ‘ in French, a large dice is a cube cut measuring around 3/4 inches.


Start off by julienning your vegetables, then dice them into cubes around 2 mm on each side.

Fine Brunoise

Just like a brunoise, you begin by julienning your vegetables. When dicing, aim for cubes that are around 1mm on each side.

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Rough Cut

A rough chop is just as its name suggests. You’re free to chop quickly and at random, usually creating mid to large chunks as you see fit.


This technique is used for chopping herbs or leafy greens. It is a great way to decorate your plate with thin ribbons of green. You begin by stacking the leaves from the biggest size to the smallest, then roll them from one edge to another giving you a little bundle. Run your knife through the length of the herbs, and then garnish.

If you’re still unsure, watch this handy guide which demonstrates the cuts step by step:


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