How To Treat Your Knife Right

How To Treat Your Knife Right

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Don’t put your knife in the dishwasher

All your knife needs is a quick rinse under the sink. When putting your knife in a dish washer, you are most certainly going to dull the blade. Other items like forks and spoons can make contact with the steel and effectively make your knife a lot less sharp.

Another concern is your the washing liquid used, this may be harmful to your knife. Knives with a wooden handle should definitely never be soaked in water, as the wood absorbs the liquids and in turn can make it split or expand.

After cleaning, dry your knife as soon as possible

Some experts suggest warm water and soap, whilst others suggest warm water by itself will do the trick! No matter the technique, they all agree that you should dry your knife as soon possible as this helps prevents rusting.

Use a wooden cutting board

This may seem like an obvious tip, but it is worth mentioning! Never use your knife to cut things on a countertop, glass surfaces or even tempered glass chopping boards. That is a fast way to dull your knife and potentially cause an accident. The best surface to do your knife work on is a wooden or bamboo chopping board! This surface helps prevent slippage and gives way to your knifes sharp edge. Your knife will stay in better condition for longer this way.

Don’t put your knives in a drawer

The worst thing you can do to your knives is to let them lie loose in a drawer. Tossing them all in one place is a definite way to make all your knives dull. Knives should be stored carefully where they wont be moved around and coming into contact with one another. Knife blocks or magnet strips are a great way to keep them safe, you can even go the stylish route and get a magnetic chopping block that will show off your blade beautifully and can also be used for all your chopping needs. Keep your knives and your fingers safe by investing in a solid storage option.

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