Essential Utensils for Authentic Japanese Cooking

Essential Utensils for Authentic Japanese Cooking

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Cooking Japanese dishes at home is a terrific way to introduce new, exciting meals to your friends and family. When dining solo, some Japanese cuisine can also be made quickly and easily, for a nutritious eating experience on even the tightest schedule.

You’ll need the right utensils to prepare authentic Japanese dishes, but to help you get started, we’ve taken a look at just some key items below.

Agemono Nabe

These thick pots are a staple of the Japanese kitchen, typically crafted from brass or cast iron.

As these ‘pots for fried things’ are so dense, food within them maintains an even temperature, This prevents the loss of temperature or over-cooking that thinner pots may cause.


In Japanese cooking, a hangiri is a round barrel or wooden tub with a flat base. You’ll see these used to prepare sushi rice, where they will be dressed with a blend of sugar, rice vinegar, and salt.

Once this has all been mixed together in the hangiri, the rice is left covered until it’s cool. If you’re looking to start making sushi at home on a regular basis, a hangiri would be a smart purchase – though they can be expensive.


Makisu Sushi

Makisu Sushi

Plan on preparing sushi at home on a regular basis? You’ll need a makisu!

These mats are made with a woven mix of bamboo and cotton string, and are a must for producing rolled sushi in an authentic style. You can also use them to make omelets, or to remove excess fluid from various different foods.


These chopsticks are often a key part of the Japanese cooking process, but they differ from those you use to actually eat.

These are designed for handling hot food with one hand, ideal for keeping ingredients moving during the cooking process. These are usually around 12 inches or even longer, and while you’ll generally see ones crafted from bamboo, metal versions are available (with bamboo handles, to protect your hands from the heat).

Santoku Knife

Kamikoto Knife Set

Kamikoto Knife Set

Every budding Japanese-cuisine chef needs a solid selection of knives. The Santoku is a ‘general-purpose’ design, used for dicing and slicing various ingredients, as well as mincing.

Santoku blades are matched to the knife’s handle, to create a harmonious balance. This ensures a smooth, steady performance.


Shamoji, otherwise known as rice paddles, are widely used for preparing rice dishes. You can stir or serve rice, as well as mix rice-vinegar while making sushi portions.

These tend to be crafted from wood, plastic, or bamboo, and should be kept wet during use – you don’t want your rice to stick to it.


Like a colander or a sieve, zaru are used to drain foods to remove water. This is a common utensil to have in the kitchen, and will be used for countless dishes.

Keeping your kitchen well-stocked with a wide variety of Japanese utensils is essential to create authentic, attractive, delicious meals. At Kamikoto Knives, our portfolio of knives and traditional Japanese kitchen accessories can help you prepare delicious dishes in a safe, fast way.

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